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Sans is an experienced, industry-leading specialty importer and broker focused on premium quality, niche and moderately priced brands that offer exceptional quality and value to our retailers and consumers. Our goal is to provide our clients with exemplary representation based on decades of industry experience, a world-class reputation, dedication to service, local market intelligence, efficient programs and brand-building expertise. We view ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees and our community.

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El Ultimo Agave

Produced in the famous tequila-producing town of Amatitan, Mexico where prestigious brands such as Herradura, El Jimador and originally Cabo Wabo were from.
The volcanic region grows some of the best quality agave plants. The boutique distillery owned by Daniel Parida, Jr. and father, David Partida, Jr. takes hands-on pride, compassion, and commitment producing the finest quality 100% agave tequila. All the agave plants are estate grown and they only use mature 8-1o year-old plants.

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El Ultimo Agave Almond

Almond is enjoyed straight, complemented with citrus juice, or even as a delicious addition to coffee or milk.

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Rancho Alegre

Tequila derives its color and superb taste by maturing it in barrels of American White Oak. Rancho Alegre tequila is ideal to drink straight, or blended into a favorite cocktail. Rancho Alegre is a pleasant surprise with its affordable price and excellent quality. The Rancho Alegre distillery is fast becoming one of the best and most popular distilleries to visit in Jalisco, Mexico.

Bacoo Rum

Bacoo Rum is good for your soul and great for your Spirits! bottled in the heart of the Dominican Republic for you to enjoy and share wherever you are.
Quality, consistency, and character. Most major rum brands bring cane juice and molasses from other parts of the world to produce their rum. Bacoo Rum is estate grown and produced on the beautiful island of Dominican Republic, then aged and bottled down the road from the estate to provide exceptional consistency and quality. Bacoo is farm to glass.

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Santa Clara

There are many different brands of Rompope produced in Mexico. Santa Clara is currently being produced by Casa Cuervo and is Mexico’s #1 selling rompope. All natural ingredients are used, unlike most other brands.

COA Tequila

COA Tequila is carefully grown in the rich, red clay and expertly harvested in the Los Altos region of Mexico. Los Altos Weber Blue Agaves are famous for being larger in size and sweeter in aroma and taste.

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Oso Negro

A quality imported vodka that is priced between brands like Popov and Smirnoff, well below other imported vodka prices.

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Lismore Scotch Whisky

Robust but also delicate. The fine balance of flavors combine to make this a malt whisky distinctive in both taste and character.

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Tic Tac

A lower proof cane vodka (60 proof instead of 80 proof) that has been multi-distilled. It is very mixable with just about anything, or simply enjoyed straight on the rocks.

Alcohol Los Jarochos

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Alcohol Victoria

New to the United States, Alcohol Victoria is a well recognized label to the Hispanic consumer and will sell once the consumer is aware it is available. Alcohol Victoria is popular amongst the ever-growing U.S. Hispanic population and is available in two sizes: 750ML and 1 Liter.

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El Mezcalito

Sold in plastic bottles, sold in every large city and town in Mexico. At an average retail price of $7.00 per 750mL bottle it is the most affordable tequila-type product produced in Mexico. The taste is smooth and pleasant without harsh alcohol after taste. El Mezcalito tastes great straight or mixed with your favorite tequila-type mixer.

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Viuda de Sanchez

The most popular way to consume Viuda de Sanchez is to sip alongside a good tequila and some lime; this is known as a Bandera (Mexican flag: Green, White, Red). Also popular: mix sangrita with tequila and Squirt™ soda to make an exciting cocktail called, “The Vampiro.”

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